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AIDA32 is a system information program running on Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen or dump it to file.

Development of AIDA32 started on 29th March 2001. Project is now in Public Beta phase.

AIDA32 Features in ver. 2,20:

AIDA32 Downloads:

Download: AIDA32 v2.20-0711  

aida32_220.exe (1,72 Mb) or (1,44 Mb)

NEW !!

Download: AIDA32 v3.30  

Personal System : (1,79 Mb) or
Personal System : aida32pe_330.exe (2,07 Mb)

Network System : (1,79 Mb)or
Network System : aida32ne_330.exe (2,07 Mb)

Enterprise System : (2,07 Mb)or
Enterprise System : aida32ee_330.exe(2,29 Mb)

Download: AIDA16 v2.00 for DOS (1,049 Mb)


OnLine: AIDA32 - Professional Users Guide    AIDA32 GUIDE

Download: AIDA32 Professional Users Guide v.1,08 (2,44 Mb)

Download: AIDA32 CSV->HTM Report Converter v1.01 (25 Kb)

Support and informaton, visit AIDA hompage at

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